June 20, 2008

Dear Husband, Part 1

The emails you send when you have only had one
15 minute phone call over the course of a week.

Dear Jason,

I seem to get stuck for things to say when we’re on the phone so I figured I would send the thoughts when I have them.

*Harley is doing great with the lawnmower—he is so fast and so precise now! You did an awesome job with him.
*He must be building some muscles because he can also put water bottles on the dispenser now.

*Milan isn’t sleeping. Therefore I am not sleeping.

*The kiddos have gotten to play outside every day. They are crazy as to be expected with you leaving but doing okay.
*The Martin's had their babies…we have teeny baby birds now...the Martini's..

*The squirrel and the chipmunk got into a huge fight over the food bowl yesterday. Squirrel won, chipmunk is more skittish than before.

*Also considering taking 16 hours next semester… am I nuts? Talked to the advisor and he’s okay’d all 5 classes, but I don’t officially register until Monday.

*Caer has officially given up the laundry room with the exception of the occasional nap. She’s coming up and rubbing everyone’s legs for attention and spends most of the day looking out the back window. Alison is learning to be nicer.

We miss you honey. Xan has demanded that ‘he has a right to talk to you on the phone and I’m hogging all the time.’ Soooo… one of these calls will need to be with them.




San Diego Momma said...

The "Martinis:" I love it!

My heart goes out to you for not having your husband home with the family. i bet he's loving these update e-mails.


the dragonfly said...

It's hard being apart.

I write a letter (nearly) every night before I go to sleep. Sometimes I write the same thing over and over...but that's usually because the same things happen every day. There's usually something cute I can add about the Little Mister, though...it seems he's learning new things every single day!

Love the Martinis thing, by the way. :)

Rima said...

Hang in there! It sounds like you are doing a great job holding down the fort.