June 2, 2008

Xander's Music Review

Leona Lewis:

The Song:

Members of the Audience:

Xander Disagrees With Simon:



Laski said...

Not his cup of tea, huh? My hubs can't stand the song. I don't mind it so much . . . there is a lot worse out there nowadays.

huddtoo said...

I love Xander's face. :)

I like this song.

Angela DeRossett said...

Laski & Hudd... I like the song too! It was absolutely *painful* to him though. He spent the entire song screeching for me to turn it off.

Maddy said...

We have that same screech / run to furthest point in house.
Best wishes

[his face says it all!]

Sarcasta-Mom said...

I agree with Xander :)

La Bonne Vie - The House of Brodt said...

Ha! Too funny! Xander truly looks like he is being tortured, ha! That song kind of drives me nuts too, but mainly because they play it every 5 minutes on Kiss FM here....it's a bit worn out already!