June 24, 2008

The ZAC Browser- A Grandfather's Love

Of course it is FREE! You must check out this browser that was designed for children with Autism!! Here's the official spiel from their invitation page:

"As the parent or caregiver of a autistic child you know so much about psychology, sociology, pharmacology, local government, school systems, insurance processes, and above all love . You are truly the ultimate advocate and best supporter of your child - and this amazing task is very challenging! Because our daughter faces so many of the same challenges with her autistic child, Zackary, as you do - we understand that you often feel alone when trying to navigate a way to provide your child with the BEST quality of life possible.

ZAC Browser has been created for three important reasons:

  1. ZAC Browser is the only place that your autistic child can safely, easily and independently surf the web and successfully interact with many, many web applications.
  2. ZAC Browser provides a parent or caregiver forum to enable each of us to learn from experiences, to share humorous stories, to be connected with others who intimately understand our situations.
  3. ZAC Browser provides a useful links area to guide you to important commercial websites that may enhance your child's quality of life."

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Maddy said...

Zac brower. I shall have to investigate further.