July 20, 2008

A blink and the week is gone!

Oh yes, one may think I've been slacking over here on my blogs...and one may be right! I will be back on track soon.

So what's going on you might ask?

Well, we had a wonderful time at VBS this week---it was a Jerusalem Marketplace theme. The kids spent each day learning things like:

-How to sing the Hebrew alphabet
-pottery making
-instrument making
-bread making
-Messianic dance
-they made dreidels and learned how to play the game
-they raised money for children in India--over $900 cumulatively and Jagger's team won a Shema bracelet for being the number one team!
-they learned what a mezzuza was and what it is used for.

It was really an outstanding program...complete with Synagogue school with a real Rabbi and outdoor games for the time period.

Okay so on top of homeschooling starting again soon--this means paperwork galore, my next semester starting soon--exciting because I get to learn Biblical Greek this semester, and the homeschool conference starting--next week, and my in-laws coming in town next weekend, the kiddos wanting to fit the zoo in there somewhere, my daughter pretending to be a cat, the older boys fighting over who wants to cook more, Xander being convinced that Hobby Lobby is located inside the church and totally ticked that I won't take him RIGHT NOW (a story for another time)...

Whew...I need a pause.

Did I mention Xander has taken to hissing and growling at me lately as a warning?

Anyhow, give me a couple of days to catch up...but boy, do I have some stories for you!

Speaking of I have also managed to get in some personal reading time...I am so in love with this book at the moment...Put it on your 'must read' list. I promise you will not be disappointed.

See, I'm not that bad of a slacker..


Maddy said...

That does sound like a great programme. I feel like I've been very productive but I don't have very much to show for my efforts. Well done you. [all]

Aunt Julie said...

You're not a slacker--you've got a lot on your plate! Every so often, you have to take a deep breath, relax, step back, and take a look at what you've accomplished. I don't know you very well, but I would get that in your case, you've accomplished quite a bit! BTW, I'm having another Great Pop'rs Giveaway, starting tomorrow. Aunt Julie really needs the help of all her Bloggy Pals--she's planning a rehearsal dinner for 60 people! Hope you drop by soon!

amers said...

i LOVED the faith club! i was fortunate enough to hear them speak last winter - they did their thing in my little town!

and any ?? i can help with re the days events at the synagogue, please don't hesitate to ask!

sounds like you need calgon! hope you get a few minutes to yourself!

E said...

Okay you are forgiven. But we have missed you missy....