July 13, 2008

Child1st Publications

This site requires you to register, and normally I would so hate that, BUT it is worth it.

Are you looking for great Dolch site word activities? A way to teach your visual learner because you have exhausted your resources and are pulling your hair out?

Can you tell I have a visual learner that we are trying to teach to read?!

Take a look at this site:

Child1st Publications

If the free resources are any indication of how good the products they sell are then I may be investing a lot of money over there.

I downloaded two posters--one that teaches the differences between me and my using hand gestures. The other teaches the difference between b's and d's.

I then downloaded the set A Dolch site words and activities. Fun stuff!

And the above are FREE! (And that's not all...go check it out.)

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The Mom, Mommy, Mother, and Wife said...

Great Find! Definitely worth the registration. We are working on reading too and I am willing to try anything that will help this all make sense to my son.