July 22, 2008

Confession Time

I cannot possibly do this next post without making a huge confession...

Some of my children are named after TV characters.

Some of you already know this.

I feel the need to explain.

I had difficult pregnancies. Cumulatively I had one full year of bedrest. This meant hours upon hours of daytime TV and reruns. I must admit I enjoyed those many hours in front of the ABC soaps...the lightbulb just went off in some of your heads, didn't it?

Jagger's name came from General Hospital. I was *in eye candy love* with Jagger Cates, played by Antonio Sabato, Jr. He was my first pinup....gotta love that Tiger Beat.

So I lied...it was Vogue.

I loved the name....oh, I truly did and that is how we named my Jagger. Though I cannot count the number of times we've been mistaken for big MICK Jagger fans.

So then when Jagger was eight months old I found myself pregnant again, and still hooked on General Hospital. There was a character named Zander. I thought, hmmmm....Zander. I like it! I looked it up in the baby names book and found this:

It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "man's defender, warrior". From the Latin form of the Greek name Alexandros. Al, Alasdair, Alastair, Alaster, Alaxander, Alcander, Alcinder, Alcindor, Alec, Aleco, Alejandro, Alejo, Alek, Aleko, Aleksandar, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Aleksanteri, Alesandro, Alessandre, Alessandri, Alessandro, Alex, Alexan, Alexandre, Alexandro, Alexandros, Alexei, Alexi, Alexio, Alexis, Alic, Alicio, Alick, Alik, Alisander, Alissander, Alissandre, Alistair, Alister, Alistir, Alix, Alixandre, Allie, Allistair, Allister, Allistir, Alsandare, Alyksandr, Iskander, Iskender, Lex, Lexo, Sacha, Sander, Sandero, Sandor, Sandro, Sandros, Sandie, Sandy, Sascha, Sasha, Saunder, Saunders, Sikander, Xander, Zander, Zandro and Zandros.

Oh yes, Xander with an X...and defender of men. That would be a good fit! By the way, this is a picture of the 'other' Zander:

Not to be confused with this other Zander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer...as we are asked often if that is where we got the name. I have never watched a single episode of that show. And with all my confessing on here...I would tell you the truth.

So when Xander was 6 months old and my husband was a week away from the big snip-snip, we found out that we were having another baby. My soapy friends may be scratching their heads at this moment thinking....Milan...Milan....where did THAT come from?

It came from Drew Carey. I believe they were trying to make a joke in the direction of another city-named celebutant by bringing in a character with the same qualities named Milan. I was instantly in love with this name as was Jason.

So why would I confess this when it is so clearly off topic for my blog? Because they have sucked me in again...NO I AM NOT PREGNANT...

GH:Night Shift has started and though I have never shown interest in this particular spin-off it has two very compelling reasons for me to watch:

1. None other than the original Jagger, Antonio Sabato, Jr. is on again!! (No judgment!...my hubby is deployed and ASJ can join my other two boyfriends (Ben and Jerry) in my evening entertainment.)

2. The character of Jagger has a son...with Autism.

I cannot wait to see how good these writers are. And how tricky of them pulling me back in with two of my favorite things...


Domestic Goddess said...

Ok, time for confessions...
Bug Boy is named after one of the Dukes of Hazzard, my husband is a huge fan of the show. I thought the name sounded great with our last name, so I ok'd it. And when I was preggers with Bugaboo? The husband asked if we could name him Daisy (for a girl) or the OTHER Duke name...I put my foot down, obviously. He was serious, too. But we found a name that fits him perfectly.

huddtoo said...

So, since Harley was left out of this post, I'll just assume that you guys are big Harley Davidson fans. LOL

I'm kidding. You know people like to assume "oh my, where did you get that name??"...Uh, the baby name book. Not sure why a "unique" name has to "come from somewhere". You know my kids names, I get it all.the.time! ;)

I LOVE Milan!! I like Xander's name too. I really like that pic of ASJ! He's got a nice six-pack. hehe Not sure I can watch a night time soap tho. I never got into them, just can't do it. I'll stick with foodtv. hehe

Angela DeRossett said...

Frannie... Harley's name...lol. Well, I was convinced I was having a girl and had a girls name all picked out. I told Jason he could pick the boy's name and while working on his HD motorcycle--an old antique, and a bad year model at that-- he said a few choice words (remember he was a marine when we first got married) and said, "His name will be Harley becase I will have one that runs!"

Catherine said...

Oooh, I was about to ask about Harley too! Wow, this was a very interesting post. All this time, never knew the history behind the names. Love it!! PS - An old GH'er too but I'll really *date* myself if I give away those names.

Jus Shar Designs said...

My son Patrick Dalton was named after Patrick Swayze's character in Roadhouse. :-)

courtney said...

as i was reading your post, i was excited to tell you that jagger is back but as it turns out, you already know that! :) GH has been my favorite since I was 12. good names, too!!

autismfamily said...

I am really liking GH Night Shift Season 2m, quite different from season one. I do not like the new Dr. Leo and heard the actor is brother to the original Leo.

I do like the Dr who is doing the testing on Stone.

I also liked Zander on the show. He and Emily (first one) were a great pair of young lovers.

Both my kids are on the spectrum, I named them Nick and Matt from characters on Y&R. They are 12 and 13.