July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Missing my military man today... do you know this is the 3rd 4th of July that he has missed?--In a row?!

I guess it's better than Christmas.

I have had several people email me and ask what they could do for Jason, as well as my Navy brother, Leo who will be deploying for the better part of a year soon.

Here's what I am thinking...you can email me and request their address and send a homemade card or whatever.. they love that kind of stuff


You can donate to the care package fund and I will put together big boxes (already in progress, I might add) and add your name to a group card. I try to send enough for their crew as well. (Think lots of candy, novelty items to keep the mood light--like sticky hands, slime, puzzles, squirt guns... cookies... magazines...stamps...envelopes..paper.. FUN STUFF.)

Either way is fine... but don't feel obligated to take part. :)

I will leave the link open until July 15th.

Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!


Maddy said...

Bully for you! Love the name Leo!

amers said...

andie, i was especially thinking of all of you yesterday - i can only imagine how you feel. all the best to jason and his crew -

take care,

the dragonfly said...

Holidays alone are tough. I didn't even see fireworks because I didn't want to have the Little Mister out late on my own.


E said...

My email address is ellenstimson@aol.com
My whole family would love to send some cards to your brave guys to whom we are gratful for their service.