July 27, 2008

Home Depot, Sears, Budweiser Drop Michael Savage

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Michael Savage loses Home Depot, Sears and Budweiser over autism flap

Friday, July 25th 2008, 8:45 PM

Six more major companies have yanked ads from Michael Savage's talk-radio show after he branded autistic children "brats."

Home Depot, Sears and Budweiser all withdrew their support from the fiery hatemonger's program, along with Direct Buy, Cisco and Radio Shack, according to Autism United.

Insurance giant Aflac was the first company to pull its commercials off the nationally syndicated show, which has more than 8 million listeners.

"We are going after each and every advertiser that hasn't dropped him yet," said Evelyn Ain, president of Autism United, who joined angry parents in a protest on Wall Street Friday.

"We are doing this in all states and really hoping that more people will immediately drop out supporting him. We are going after every angle."

Savage made headlines on July 16 when he told listeners that autism was a ploy to hide the fact that most kids are "brats" as well as "idiots" and "morons."

He went on to suggest that autism was "a fraud, a racket" designed to get public assistance.

His comments resulted in calls for Savage to retract his remarks, apologize and quit.

Radio stations in Mississippi, Virginia and Cleveland that carry "The Savage Nation" show have also boycotted the program.

Savage says his remarks were taken out of context, and were not a direct attack on kids with genuine autism.

He argues he was criticizing doctors who overdiagnose children out of greed and drug companies, as well as "fakers" hoping for extra benefits.

More rallies are expected this weekend, including at City Hall and in San Francisco.



SJ Ballinger said...

As a parent of a child with severe ADHD, I am overjoyed to join your crusade against the hateful Michael Savage. I want to thank you all for your dedication to your childrens cause and the committment to do the right thing by them despite society hammering it into you that you're a bad, lazy or drug happy parent. I have joined you in emailing these sponsors and have rejoiced in every announcement of every pulled sponorship! Keep up the good work!

Casdok said...

Excellent to hear that people are making a stand.

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Sweet! Let's keep advocating, and maybe we can get all of his sponsers dropped.