July 23, 2008

Michael Savage Reaps What He Sows

Okay, so I came across this article here.

The New York Times has stated the following:

A group of seven Mississippi talk radio stations owned by Telesouth Communications has dropped Michael Savage’s nationally syndicated radio program over comments the host made last week suggesting that nearly every child with autism was “a brat” of inattentive parents. “Michael Savage’s comments about autistic children were beyond inexcusable and are unacceptable,” the station group said in a statement posted Tuesday on its Web site, supertalkms.com. The cancellation follows the decision on Monday by Aflac, the insurance company, to pull its advertising from the show.

I say good for them for standing up and not letting these comments be acceptable!

On his Web site, Michaelsavage.com, the host posted a letter on Monday in which he iterated the central point he said he had been trying to make on his July 16 program: that autism is too often misdiagnosed in the cases of children, or falsely diagnosed, at least partly as a means of wringing resources. “Let the truly autistic be treated,” he wrote. “Let the falsely diagnosed be free.”

Hmm... I admire the actual physician in the video I posted yesterday that explained that children are often, get ready for this... UNDER-diagnosed. Michael Savage is dead wrong in his opinion.

On July 16, Mr. Savage, above, referred to autism as “a fraud, a racket,” and asserted that what “99 percent” of children with autism most needed was a parent willing to tell them things like, “Don’t act like a moron.”

He also said 'idiot'. I would love to know how many parents out there use this parenting method. Last I checked name calling was something you taught your children NOT to do.

I truly pray that this man will re-evaluate his position on this. Perhaps he will inadvertently gain some education in the field of Autism before he decides to take a stand again.


melody is slurping life said...

I just came down from the tabletop applauding the cancellation.

Ignorance breeds misconception. Mr. Savage is clearly ignorant with regard to autism, parenting and the rule against name-calling innocent children.

naturalmom said...

"Hey Micheal Savage, Stop acting like a moron and and idiot!"

There, that should fix 'im. (Or would it only work if his *mom* told him that?)

Sheesh, where do they get these guys? The really encouraging thing would be if his listeners turned off this garbage. It's frightening to think how many mor.., er, people might agree with him.


Nikowa Lee {Quirky Mom} said...

It is sad that ignorance spreads like wildfire! The same is true for ADD/ADHD.

He'll get his just "rewards".
What goes around comes around...

Jennifer said...

Michael Savage is such a mean-spirited...well, jerk...that I wonder if it's all an act. Because someone can't be that ignorant, can they? Or..well...never mind.

**Brava, Andie!**

E said...

He's been saying mean things for years about all kinds of people. Bless Aflac for canceling. I hate when i am driving long distances for work and he pops up on a station. I prefer silence.
Bye Michael. Pick on somebody your own size....