July 2, 2008

New! The Schoolhouse Planner

Introducing The Schoolhouse Planner~

everything you need to plan both your school and your home!

Not only is the planner digital and interactive, but in it you can expect to find:

Calendars in various forms – yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily

Lists of holidays and places to record special days in your family

Planners for your homeschool – in various styles to meet your individual needs

Pages for both long-term and short-term homeschooling goals

Curriculum planning forms

Evaluation forms and test score recording sheets

A through-the-Bible in a (school) year schedule

Forms for recording Bible memory and other memory work

Logs for recording books read, movies and documentaries viewed, etc.

A field trip planning form and recording log

A sample science lab sheet and nature study sheets

A place to record extracurricular activities

Outside classes, co-op, and support group information and recording sheets

Household planning forms

Daily, weekly, and monthly household schedule charts

Grocery, menu-planning, and food logs

Various budget and financial planning forms

Garden planning sheets

An appliance and electronics inventory sheet

Vacation planning ideas

Address and telephone records

And more…..

12 “homeschool must-know” items, one for each month of the year

12 essays from some of our favorite authors in the homeschool community – you absolutely won’t want to miss these!

24 easy main-dish recipes from some top homeschoolers around the nation

Forms that are appropriate for preschool – graduation

A 12-year planning form, so that you can plan your child’s school career from beginning to end!

2-page monthly calendar with BIG blocks with lots of room for writing in details each day

For a sneak peek of The Schoolhouse Planner, click here:


huddtoo said...

I'm curious A... are you planning to continue home schooling your kids, or are they going to public school this year. I'm just wondering.

Good luck either way. Gosh, lady, I have no idea how you do it all! :)

Angela DeRossett said...

We’re going on with the homeschooling. We tossed around the idea of public school but ultimately decided against it because homeschooling is going so well! :)