July 24, 2008

Proud, But a Bit Scared

The kids got up way before I did today. I overslept--because I was feeling under the weather last night. Thankfully the kids were not.

I awoke to the loud squeals of delight. Through the moments of half-awake, half dreaming I heard something mentioned about 'cookies' and a 'surprise'.

It was the smell that got me out of bed.... chocolate? Mmmmm.

Turns out the four of them baked a batch of cookies first thing this morning. They were heavenly, chocolate chip peanut butter cookies that turned out perfectly.

I explained that I was proud of them for taking on this task, but that they should never cook unsupervised! Never, ever...EVER.

The biggest surprise? They did not eat a single one knowing that they weren't allowed to have cookies for breakfast and instead were all propped on blankets and pillows watching the early morning cartoons. I was proud, so they each got a cookie in the morning immediately.


Ashley said...

I would love to wake up to yummy chocolate cookies! :) That is awesome that they remembered that they were not allowed to eat cookies for breakfast and actually obeyed! I know if I were a kid I probably wouldn't have done that! Especially for cookies! :) hehe

I want to get my masters, however, Josh and I have come to an agreement that we wouldn't go back to school until we were completely out of debt. Until I get a better paying job, it might be a while until that happens (max 2 years). We'll see what happens! :) Thanks for your prayers!

Hawaiianatheart said...

Yes, that would have me really scared too but oh how sweet of them. You have a great bunch of kiddos! Miss ya'll!

Nikowa Lee {Quirky Mom} said...

WOW Great job!!!

painted maypole said...

so cute! (and pb and chocolate? heavenly, indeed!)

huddtoo said...

Aww..how sweet. I LOVE that they didn't eat them! WOW! Great job, mama!

Indeed sweet of them.

They sound yummy too. I LOVE choc & PB stuff!