August 13, 2008

Bubble Wrap Contest

Remember this wonderful young inventor I posted about a while back?

Homeschooler Takes Top Prize

Well, gear up for this year's contest!! 5-8 graders won't want to miss this!

Sealed Air Corporation and The National Museum of Education are proud to announce the third annual BubbleWrap® Competition for Young Inventors for grades 5-8. This innovative contest incorporates national and state academic standards in the fields of engineering design, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and all of the core curricular subjects. This year's competition includes fabulous prizes for students and their teachers. We look forward to seeing great entries in any discipline from your inventive students!

We encourage you to share the competition information with your colleagues and members through your web site, publications and correspondence. The deadline is November 3, 2008 and applications may be received via hard copy mail, email or FAX.

The details for the competition are available on our web site at If you have further questions, or if would like to discuss the contest with us, please feel free to email us at, or to call us at 330-376-8300.

1 comment:

amada said...

oh wow. I read the contest to my boys and I think I'm going to be sleeping and breathing bubble wrap for the next couple of days at least!

Thanks for sharing!

Trujillo, Peru

PS You're invited to my blog-warming party... with a drawing for a really cool door-prize!