August 19, 2008

Can You Spare a Few Moments?

Remember when I did the Lay's Giveaway? I am still watching each week to see when my local grocery store will begin to carry the "Pinch of Salt" chips...they are so good!

Anyway, I was contacted again today and am needing your help!--I figure we can help the dear lady who sends us free stuff to try, right? :)

It's already the middle of August (how did that happen?!) and some kids are already starting to head back to school. Have yours started back yet?

With school comes packing lunches and deciding on

after-school snacks. With over 95% of American households buying

chips, we know that they like us! Do you buy chips for the whole family? Just for the kids? Just for you?

We'd love to hear from you!

1. What are your snacking rules?

2. What do your kids want when they get home?

3. How do you incorporate snacking into your diet?

4. What are some fun ways to eat chips for both kids and moms?

You can email the answers to me or post them in the comments. The more the merrier!


huddtoo said...

I saw the lightly salted chips in my store (and thought of you), and I was shocked. We are always last to get anything new around here!!

I don't really have any snacking rules. Maybe I should. But, my kids tend to eat healthy snacks, lot of fruits for snacks. So, I don't worry to much. There are times when I have to say no to a snack if they seem to have done to much snacking in a given day.

I try not to keep to much junk around, that helps with wanting snacks and sticking with our diets. We keep a lot of fruit, fiber bars, dried fruit, pretzels, cheese, etc. So, if those are snacks, that's OK.

I LOVE chips and dip! Thus why I don't keep them in the house much. I buy chips when we are doing a bbq or something. I do like chips with ridges though...easier to dip. :)

Nikowa Lee {Quirky Mom} said...

I haven't seen those yet either (the lightly salted)...darn.

I don't have any "set in stone" rules. We only eat snacks around here if it's been a while between meals.

I make a popcorn mixture (with raisins & mini marshmallows) for a snack or they can have chips or fruit. We don't buy candy - heck, we still have candy from Easter...mental note: throw that away!

The "weirdest" way I eat chips are on a sandwich. Oh Salt & Vinegar between 2 pieces of bread is divine! OR bar-b-que on ham (w/mayo). Man, I gotta go to the grocery store!

Kgraham said...

Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award on my blog at Please come on over and pick it up :)

Beck said...

1. Only one sweet or salty snack a day.
2. My kids generally want muffins, or crackers and cheese.
3. I try to plan out two healthy snacks a day, to prevent binging on junk (and we DO have junk foods SOMETIMES!).
4. We like having chips and dips while we watch movies! said...

1. What are your snacking rules? - None. I have 2 boys at home that are a. in football, b. at the gym for hours prepping for the Marines. They are eating pretty healthy.

2. What do your kids want when they get home? CARBS LOL we have banana's and stuff for sandwiches, not any chocolate or snackie things at the house.

3. How do you incorporate snacking into your diet? Fresh veggies. The time I get to "snack out" is at parties which we hold alot here at the house. I love salami and cheese, potato chips and onion soup mix dip, and tortilla chips and salsa with cream cheese. hee hee

4. What are some fun ways to eat chips for both kids and moms? I'd say TV with the kids like a mini party night! INSTEAD of the pop corn.

melissa said...

Of course, we all love chips at my house. Pretty much any kind of chips.

My snacking rules, are pretty strict. We dont really snack. If my kids eat their whole lunch, or dinner, including stuff they may not like so much, they can have a dessert, which is more of a snack food. I am also pretty strict with the calorie intake. I am not weight obsessed, but as a healthcare worker, I know the dangers. If they have had a pretty inactive day, snacks are healthy only, and no seconds at meals.

We homeschool, so I dont do the get off the bus snack thing. We do eat a earlier dinner than most, that avoids the whole I am hungry before dinner issue.

Fun ways to eat chips, anyway you can get them lol. I very rarely even buy them anymore. Pretzels, popcorn, goldfish crackers, stuff like that is on the menu more often than not. I love tostitos round chips, dipped in salsa and helluva good french onion dip. My kids wont eat that, but they love the chips. On movie days, I do buy the chips and they can eat as much as they want.

It is very hard to not snack, or not have chips in the home. My husband and I both grew up with heavy snacking, and neither of us are slim jims. So it is a lifestyle change, that I try to keep up for our health and the health of our children.

Jim said...

1. What are your snacking rules? Ummm...what rules? *grin*

2. What do your kids want when they get home?
They want any kind of snack. I buy them on sale and they have to take whatever I have. :)

3. How do you incorporate snacking into your diet? I try but the temptations are too great for me *pout*

4. What are some fun ways to eat chips for both kids and moms? with dips. However, I prefer popcorn. :)

Aunt Julie said...

I was just talking to the kids about this the other day. They're teenagers, so it's hard to limit what they eat. They're also athletes, so they eat A LOT, ALL THE TIME! Both my girls and the Hubs are snackers. Fortunately, the girls snack a lot on fruits, veggies and pasta. Hubs is in another category, and I don't really care for some of his fast food choices. I'm a three-squares a day kinda gal, but do like to sneak in the occasional Hershey's bar!