August 18, 2008

Tagged for a Meme

Maddy tagged me about two weeks ago for a "Quirky Quirks" meme!

Apparently, these are the rules:-


1) Link to the person who tagged me.
2) Mention the rules.
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.
4) Tag six other blogger´s by linking to them.
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

Here are my replies.

1. I am shocked by the Lego Phenomenon. If you are unfamiliar it is the fact that one box of Legos tend to multiply over the years into millions of Legos that never leave the house, and instead take up residency in the corners of the living room. They are apparently very mobile as well because I never witness anyone actually moving them.

2. I compulsively check my email every 20 minutes or so while I am home. Don't believe me? Try sending me a message to see how fast I respond. Or take Maddy's word for it. She tends to be on as often as I am!

3. I am painfully stubborn. Though my children have tried regularly these past months that their Daddy has been gone to outdo me in the 'stubborn' department they have not won.

4. I love studying...especially Psychology and Biblical Studies. Though Greek is not required for my degree I am ecstatic at the thought of taking this semester as an elective. I am a chronic student.

5. Until this last week when I heard my voice on a recording I had no real idea of how thick my accent is. How could I have been in such denial for so long?

6. My diet consists of 'only's'.... Only organic veggies....only Ben & Jerry's ice cream....only flavored coffees and flavored creamers....only olive oil....only red wines only on occasion.... only swiss on sandwiches...only honey mustard on those get it. I am picky.

So the fun part! I must tag 6 people to do the "Quirky Quirks" meme!

I wanna know what the following people have to say:

Veggie Mom over at Eat Your Veggies

KGraham at Our Daily Crumb

Nikowa at Knowledge House Academy

Painted Maypole over at Painted Maypole

Channah at Get a Grip, Mom

Jen at Mommay's Mayhem

Have fun ladies! Muah!


Chris Worthy said...

For years, I have been convinced that Legos breed while we sleep -- not the expensive Star Wars sets, of course. :)

Nikowa Lee {Quirky Mom} said...

LOL This is cute...

jen aka mommay said...

I did this a few weeks ago: =)

I hear ya about the legos! I find them everywhere! And I'm right with ya about the email. I check it constantly!

Maddy said...

Picky eater! Hmmm.

What kind of a 'thick' accent? Would I be able to identify it?

I'm betterer at you with the e-mail because my lap top is in the kitchen next to the stove and I have the pinger / bell thingummy set to max so I can usually hear an email arrive so I don't have to check it at all ever!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I too am a compulsive email checker. It's a sickness...I really can't help it!

painted maypole said...

quirks, me? what on earth makes you think I might have some quirks?


Aunt Julie said...

Oh, I've got a few quirky quirks going on here, and so does my SIL, Aunt Julie! We'll have to get our heads together, but we'll get this *meme* done and out to our adoring public. Thanks for the *tag*!

Channah said...

Mine is up!