September 6, 2008

The Things We Homeschool Moms Find Delightful

Did you know that September 24, 2008 is 'National Punctuation Day'?

Here is a wonderful list of sites that will correspond to this great learning opportunity!


Luke said...

I did not know that. Very cool.


Jennifer said...

How appropriate after reading the article I did today! There was an article (NY Times maybe?) about a British professor that is actually campaigning to change the way we spell and write words in the English language "because it's too difficult and a waste of time". Oh yes he did!!! He actually suggested that when writing words such as "we'll", one should be able to spell it "well" or "we ll", essentially dropping the apostrophe! Can you believe it? The first option is an entirely different word, and the 2nd is stupid because all you are doing is removing a slight flick of the wrist, essentially making it OK for our kids (and future adults) to be sloppy! There is apparently an entire movement to this effect because this wasn't the first article I have seen of this nature.

Just proves to me that I have made the better choice for my 3rd grader this year. Another great reason to home school!