November 9, 2008

Amish White Bread

This is the link to the bread recipe I use:

Amish White Bread

I usually double it and up until recently (when I suddenly ran out of time..LOL) I would make about 5 loaves on Sundays. It slices perfectly into sandwich sized pieces and is so much better than store bought bread!

Plus it makes the whole house smell good.


A Bishops Wife said...

My Noddy has been wanting to make some home made bread. I have all the ingrediants for this handy, this may be just the recipe I was looking for!

Sherry said...

We love this bread! I've had this recipe for a couple years and it always goes over well! :D I actually just made some for our pizza crust for Saturday and did the other half for rolls for a friend. :D Have a great week!!