January 20, 2009

4 Kiddos at the Dentist

We made our way out into the snow (yikes) to get those dental cleanings done...all 4 kids, at the same time.


-They had Gamecube...boys were amused
-They had Horton Hears a Who.. Milan was amused

Our scary issue: Would Xander chew through the x-ray pads like last time? Would he FREAK over 'the hook' going into his mouth? (Like he had the last two dental visits?)

They brought Xan back and explained everything as they did it. X-rays were a breeze because it was a pediatric dentist who had equipment that didn't require him to stand on a phone book.

They laid him back in the chair---4 chairs in a row for each child! Each child handed sunglasses and laid back far enough to see the movie playing straight down from the ceiling on individual TV sets. (Clever.) Then they brought out the paste for cleaning...I heard bubblegum, cookie dough, and tropical. My personal thoughts were....ewwwww! They loved it. When the assembly line was not quite complete I took the dentist to the side to inform her about Milan's thumbsucking. She gave me the thumb's up and made her way back to my child's cookie smelling mouth. She peered in looking up and down and asked Milan, "You suck your thumb"?! Milan, not missing a beat said "no way!" Dentist Genius looked at her and said "I see you teeth...which one? Thumb? Fingers? Something been messing these teeth!" Milan got quiet as the dentist continued the ruse saying that she was sucking her teeth into ugliness. "You no be princess with ugly teeth". Milan was perplexed at how she...just knew.

Meanwhile...shades on tight, focused only on Horton Hears a Who, Xan did not even notice that hook in his mouth.

When the job was over I was informed that Harley had 2 cavities and luckily the people after us cancelled. We were ushered up front to sign paperwork and give permission for Jagger's back teeth to be sealed. Harley and Jagger were ushered back to complete their mouth needs while I stayed out front with the littles.

Milan was completely engrossed in Madagascar, and I on my IPOD....I almost missed the cutest thing ever. Xander had become completely engaged in watching the woman behind the desk. She fascinated him. And he could not take his eyes off of her.

I offered him reason.... Honey, she's working. But MOM, I am being quiet. Come sit by me Xan...NO, I just want to watch. Xan...oh Xan...honey, you can't because it's rude. Xander turned his head slowly from his watchful stance and his teary eyes landed on me. But WHY does that have to be rude? I don't touch her...I no make noise...I just look.

I pulled him close to me and we talked but there was no mistake that he recognized the word rude and what that meant for him. This progress has been bittersweet for us as he gets crushed when the action seems so pure. He wanted to look at the woman with the curly hair, about his grandmother's age. He was so sad that this was not allowed.

Thankfully moments later the boys came back from their detail work and Harley took over the show. He was still FLYING from the novocaine....giggly, LOUD, giggly...I had to rush the kids out the door. As my 3 (not high as a kite) got into the car I chased Harley down a ways in the parking lot. Yes, that would be my 11 year old....and he better not have liked it.

Fun stuff... Opthalmology appointments in 2 weeks....that should be interesting.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Sounds like a good visit. I can't believe how much dentists have changed since I was a kid -- wish they'd had all that fun stuff when I was little. My daughter loves to go to the dentist and my son likes it better than any other medical appointment, which is quite something given his oral issues.

Good luck with the ophthalmologist!

Anonymous said...

I love the dentist you took the kids too. I will miss her very much. Just like your 4 mine did not mind going there. I am glad everything went good. How are you doing? Sorry we never got to get together before I left. Hope all is well. Sue

Grandmama said...

All I can say is "Wish I were there!' :)

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Sounds like quite the process!

Jenni Jiggety said...

What a cool dentist office! Why don't adult offices show movies and give glasses?

I am glad it went well!

Nikowa Lee {Quirky Mom} said...

AWE...I bet she would have felt pretty with a child staring :)

Glad it went better than expected :)

Erin said...

Should have mentioned I'm a homeschool mom of 5...one girl and 4 boys.

Erin said...

I've been relentlessly stalking your blog and then something occurred to me...I think you live across the street from me! Seriously. I have the vans with the stick figures on the back.

Angela DeRossett said...


OH MY GOODNESS! Yes, we are neighbors! How funny...and what a small world! How did you make the connection that it was me? Though I guess the pictures of the yard and stuff would indicate that. Well, that settles it, we must meet! Nice to have another homeschooler so close!

Erin said...

Well, there's a picture of your daughter on your front porch (her birthday maybe?), and way in the background is me on my front porch!