January 15, 2009

How the Media Effects Children During the Election

We are currently working on an inauguration project. I felt this was the perfect time to sit down with the kids and discuss topics like election outcomes, presidential standpoints, censorship, proper debate styles, fact-checking, as well as 'all things Obama'. I thought they should know something about their new President, as this is their first 'new' one that they can remember. (Harley was 3, and Jagger was still cooking when Bush first took office in 2000.)

Anyway, the past few days they have been researching, discussing, and debating. Today they came up with a script focused on how the news handled the outcome of the election...yes, Harley and Jagger made up this entire script. I had ZERO input on this....but it did make me smile to see how many buzz words came up..

Reporter: How cool do you think it is to have Obama for our President?

Voter: I think he will change a lot of the economy.

Reporter: What else do you think he is going to change?

Voter: I think he is going to stop taking our money in tax and giving it to the rich.

Reporter: Obama is doing this?

Voter: No! Bush was!

Reporter: I hope he lowers taxes.

Voter: I looked that up online!

Reporter: What did it say?

Voter: It said he is going to lower taxes for working families and senior citizens.

Reporter: That's good because some people are struggling to keep their homes and buy food.

Voter: What do you think he'll do with the electricity bills?

Reporter: I think he will lower them.

Voter: Why do you think that?

Reporter: Look, I'm the reporter here.
(My side note: I have to wonder if this is a broad 'Joe the Plumber' reference... anyone else care to venture a guess?)

(Reporter moves to question a little boy.)

Reporter: So, little boy, what do you think about Obama becoming President?

Little Boy: I think it's awesome! I looked him up on the computer.

Reporter: I bet you're proud of your little boy, Ma'am. (Says reporter to the Mom.)
(My side note: I have to wonder if this is a ploy to earn a smile from Mom...)

Little Boy's Mom: Yes, I am!
(My side note...scary similar to Yes We CAN!)

Okay, back to the news...

I will be posting our full lesson plan for this week on my homeschooling blog if you want to check it out next week.

Anyway, this is the first draft...tomorrow they'll be hit with 'fact checking' and 'censorship'. We'll also discuss the purpose of hard-hitting campaigns. And before you throw tomatoes at what they have learned, remember this is a result of:
  • -their perspectives of the campaign
  • -being a part of a military family
  • -a Democrat AND a Republican for parents
  • -being in the 3rd and 5th grade
But deep down a part of you must admire the witty side of it that they don't recognize. :)


Melissa said...

This is great Angela! I'll have to check out your lesson plan too.

painted maypole said...

love it. smart kids you've got there!