January 13, 2009

Indoor Snowmen 2: Felt Board

After the kids finished playing with their snow dough I took a look at the pans I was serving their fun on. A lightbulb moment, if you will, made me think of upcycling those old, rusty pans and changing them into a felt board. They are lap-sized and perfect for decorating their first felt snowmen!

Items needed: old cookie pans you wouldn't dare cook on again, a glue gun (OR) spray adhesive, enough felt to cover the board with 1/2 overhang, a smaller piece of thin batting to cover the bottom inside of the pan. I actually used the 'snow' pieces from Christmas that you would usually use for a tree skirt or a tiny lit-up Christmas village for the batting.

1. Glue down your batting.

2. Glue down your felt, wrapping the edges under the lip of the pan. Make sure the corners have plenty of glue to keep both the batting and felt in place.

3. Allow time to dry completely.

4. Fun Stuff: Now you can cut out snowmen pieces, fruits, numbers, letters, soccer balls, etc..for the kids to arrange on their board. (I will post pics of ideas as I get them made.)

A helpful tip about using a cookie sheet for this project--it's magnetic on the back. Oh the things you could do!!


Shannon said...

Love this idea - I've gotta try it.
I enjoyed your talk at the HOTM conference this summer. I've enjoyed cruising around your blog.


Craftzilla said...

Very cute! Dollar stores and thrift stores are a great place to pick up stuff like the cookie sheet or some fun embellishments too!

Kysha said...

How cute! Love it.

Kathy said...

Very cute!!! I love these ideas!