January 20, 2009

Upcoming Programming from A&E and BIO Classroom!

Biography: Abraham Lincoln (2 parts)
Wednesday, January 21st and Wednesday, January 22nd at 7am/6c

Abraham Lincoln is one of our most popular American Presidents.Lincoln is revered throughout the world for his leadership during theCivil War, his brilliant writings, and his image as self-taught,hard-working, and devoted to democracy. Iconic photographs of "HonestAbe" can still be seen in magazines, on television, and in ourtextbooks. Two hundred years after his birth, many Americans continueto be curious about Lincoln's life and legacy, eager to learn moreabout his personality, beliefs, and his role as the nation's chiefstatesmen throughout the Civil War.

This biography traces Lincoln's life from the rustic childhood thatshaped him through his tragic assassination. Throughout thisdocumentary, historians offer insights into Lincoln's personality, hisdecision-making style, and the combination of factors that led him tobecome one of the most significant leaders in American history. Thisprogram examines Lincoln's writings, his complex family life, and theevolution of his career. Seeing Lincoln from multiple angles—as child,lawyer, rising politician, husband, grieving parent, President,candidate, mourning statesmen, and contemplative visionary—allowsstudents to grasp his life, legacy, and humanity in new ways.

Curriculum Links:Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union is appropriate for middle andhigh school students. It is appropriate for history, social studies,and politics courses. It would be an excellent companion to lessonsrelated to the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial or the Civil War. It meetsthe National Council for History Education requirements for (1)Civilization, cultural diffusion, and innovation, (2) Values, beliefs,political ideas, and institutions, and (3) Patterns of social andpolitical interaction.

Teacher's Guide Available:http://www.biography.com/classroom/study-guides/abraham_lincoln_preserving_union.jsp

Read Abraham Lincoln's Biography:http://www.biography.com/search/article.do?id=9382540

Announcement: National Teach-In on Abraham Lincoln's Life and Legacy!History™ proudly celebrates the bicentennial of Abe Lincoln's birthwith a new initiative entitled GIVE A LINCOLN FOR LINCOLN™. As part ofthis initiative, History™ together with the Abraham LincolnBicentennial Commission, will feature a National Teach-In on Lincolnon Thursday, February 12th, 2009 at 1:30pm EST. Educators andstudents nationwide can tune-in to view this LIVE webcast online.Registration is now open for this event online athttp://www.history.com/lincoln/. Visit this site today to sign up and to learnmore about this exciting webcast featuring historians Doris KearnsGoodwin, Harold Holzer, and Matthew Pinsker.

A&E Classroom Programming

Biography: Barack ObamaWednesday, January 21st at 4am/3c (also airson BIO on Tues. January 20th at 4pm/3c)

Biography: Barack Obama traces the life and career of the newlyelected 44th President of the United States. When he called himself a"skinny kid with a funny name" at the 2004 Democratic NationalConvention, Obama's political star was clearly on the rise. Thisone-hour program tells his story, from his birth in Honolulu, Hawaiion August 4th, 1961 through his election as President. Along the way,students will learn about Obama's multicultural family history, hiseducational background, and his election to the Senate in Illinois.Educators and their students will gain insights into the developmentof Obama's leadership style, his political approach, and thecharacteristics which helped boost him into the office of thePresidency. This biography gives students a compelling visualcompanion and narrative through which to learn more about thisuniquely American leader, and to reflect upon the significance of hiselection in the United States and throughout the world as he takes the oath of office.

Watch the Full Episode Online Now!http://www.biography.com/video.do?name=blackhistory&bcpid=1630415358&bclid=1699210836

Curriculum Links:

Biography: Barack Obama would be useful for American History, SocialStudies, Politics, Current Events, and Civics courses. It would be agreat companion for after school programs and events related to thePresidential Inauguration. It is appropriate for middle school andhigh school students.

Special Website Available:http://www.biography.com/featured-biography/barack-obama/index.jsp

Crucibles of Courage
Monday, February 2nd at 7am/6c

Each February, people throughout the United States honor AfricanAmericans and explore their roles in our nation's history. BlackAmericans have pioneered countless advances in the worlds of politics,science, education, business, and the arts. Crucibles of Courage ,hosted by Illinois Senator (now President) Barack Obama, highlightsthe lives of five courageous African Americans who changed the courseof history. The featured biographies explore the contributions ofSupreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Olympic athlete Jesse Owens,Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm, classicallytrained soprano Marian Anderson and heavyweight boxing champ MuhammadAli.

This one hour documentary will give students new insights into thelives of these individuals and their unique roles in American history.The harsh realities of discrimination in the 1930s, the ground breaking Brown v. the Board of Education Supreme Court case, and the politicalupheavals of the 1960s serve as the background for these compellingstories. With historical footage and vivid images, the personalitycharacteristics of these five individuals come to life. This focus onfive very different individuals allows students the opportunity toexplore similarities and differences between their goals, historicalcircumstances, and their approaches to affecting change. With commentary from Barack Obama, this program is an excellent overviewfor Black History Month. Crucibles of Courage encourages students todiscover the many ways African Americans have pushed the United Statesto live up to the promises of its founding documents, profoundlyshaping our history and the lives we live today.

Curriculum Links:

Crucibles of Courage would be useful for History, Social Studies,American Culture, and Ethnic Studies courses, and for communityevents. It would be an excellent program to feature in Black HistoryMonth related lesson plans and activities. It is appropriate formiddle school and high school students, as well as adults.

Teacher's Guide Available:http://www.biography.com/classroom/pdf/cruciblesofcourage.pdf

Visit BIO's Black History site:http://emailnewsletters.aetv.com/P/v3/r.aspx?r=T1_Url6&e=1916%3B897419%3B37744529%3B24%3B02&a=1007

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