February 15, 2009

Milan and Xander's Newest Activity

I have become obsessed with these adorable activities all over the web tied to the Montessori Method. Since sensory integration and fine motor are HUGE issues in this house I wanted to start using the basic knowledge shared on the web to make my own activities for the kids.

Here is what they did today:

My kids are 7 and almost 6 so I had to make it slightly more challenging than some of the pre-k activities I have seen. So I put 4 shades of buttons in a glass sundae bowl and gave them a pair of tongs to use to sort them. We worked on taking time and not making noise by making hasty moves. Milan found it a little challenging to use the tongs and Xander found it impossible. Nothing like trial and error, right? Xan ended up using a small spoon and that made it easier, but not without challenge. He'll work up to the tongs I think.

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