February 18, 2009

Studying Landforms-Addition to Viking Unit Study

I found the following two sites and thought this would be a wonderful addition to the unit study the boys have been doing on the Vikings. They have been playing a game, Viking Voyages, and explaining the landforms seemed to be the next natural step. Oh, before I forget...they have great Viking ideas on the BBC site too.

On to the landforms:

Idea site:



Kathy said...

Angela, do you have a list available of the curriculum you use? I am always looking for ideas and suggestions. I'm not sure I'm organized enough to do the Unit studies, but what you're doing looks like so much fun. Blessings-Kathy

Angela said...

Um...curriculum. I actually do not follow one. I will post a list of the websites that have all of these ideas soon for you though! We do have a lot of fun!! Thanks!