February 7, 2009

What We've Been Up To.

Jagger asked for a haircut... Mommy cannot wait until it grows back again.

Fighting with Harley over wearing his glasses...

Couldn't say much because it turns out Xander had them on..

Jason bought me a beautiful new camera and then was not amused that I wanted to take a picture of him. He is nicer than he looks. He even asked the salesperson what colors the camera came in so that I could have my choice... he's a good man. (And when did cameras start coming in assorted colors??)
I got to meet Liz Curtis Higgs. Be on the lookout as I scored some great books while I was at her conference and they have been signed by Liz. Heart of the Matter will be hosting this great giveaway.

Milan has been testing her makeup-ing abilities..yikes. Seriously this girl is never leaving the house...ever.
Valentine's Day means lotsa pink... Milan is loving her heart.
This week there will be 7 days of Valentine crafts over on Heart of the Matter, starting with this fuzzy pink one.
We visited the bread factory. They made me put my camera away. :( The kids loved this...and the factory sent us home with 10 loaves of bread and 5 bags of breadsticks...I *guess* I can forgive the fact that they don't allow cameras. The kiddos were all handed a piece of rye bread straight off of the machine. Milan whispered to me, "Mom did they drop this on the floor or something??" This picture below shows you the carousel that can hold 10,000 loaves of bread at one time. Jagger had to know how many were there.

Jason has been cooking...I have not. He says I am fired. I have been fired a lot lately for not cooking, cleaning, etc. Um, he has been home 12 weeks since last June. I am TIRED. ;) Pray for him...he's leaving again soon. Milan asked God the other night "to keep Daddy safe while he's on vacation at the beach"... Jason keeps warning me that I need to stop telling her he's on vacation.
But honey, it just sounds better than...um...over there.
We made some X's and O's to go with her fluffy heart. These were sooo easy. I think I am going to do the kid's names after V Day. I think if you click on the pic it will go to HUGE so you can see up close. She didn't know what the X's and O's meant but she loved more glitter and pink. How'd I get such a girly girl??


Casdok said...

Busy as always - and enjoying your new camera!
And i hope Jason does stay safe.

A Bishops Wife said...

I love the camera!
Really cute children!
Jason is cute too LOL.
That is what he gets for buying you a new camera.

I pray he stays safe.

Monica Ford said...

Yay on the camera! And Oh I love the smiles!!!!! :) Thanks for sharing with us! And thank you too for your comments - I totally appreciate you!!

Oh the makeup days.... argh ;) She's adorable!

Hawaiianatheart said...

Your guys are getting so big... I miss them all! Waaah! Sabryn is very girlie too. Drives Daddy more nuts then me! Love the crafts. We did the girls names with smaller letters. Fun!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Your family is SO good looking! And I love the Xs anf Os and that fluffy heart!

Kathy said...

Those are great pictures. We'll pray for your family especially those absences from Hubby/Daddy. I think you must be an amazing Mom, so consider yourself....rehired! : ) Blessings!

Amy© said...

We looked quite fetching in our little hair nets, did we not? ;)

He's leaving again? I am so sorry! (I know it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway... you need anything, let me know!)