March 12, 2009

Didj by Leapfrog

Have you met the Didj? I was asked to try out this great invention last Fall and from the moment it came out of the package my kids were hooked! They were amazed at how much it 'looked' like other video game systems and surprised at how good the graphics were for a LeapFrog (AKA kid's game).


My husband quickly installed the Learning Path program and made an individualized site to track each kid's progress. It must have been successful because now every time my kids play their games and upload to the site I get a personalized email that shows their strengths and weaknesses in their age brackets. I love this feature!

Something else I particularly love is that in order to progress through the levels in each game, the kids must accomplish whatever learning goal (math, spelling, etc.) is set before them before moving forward. This is a great incentive for them to do well! The system also allows them to use their points on their site to earn new characters and accessories.

So, you understand why I love this game system... but there is more! It is an award winner!

  • Parenting Magazine - Mom-Tested Toys of the Year Award 2008

  • Parents Magazine - Best Toys of the Year Award 2008

My top three recommended Didj games:

didj1. LeapFrog: Didj Custom Gaming System: Indiana Jones for Ages 7-10

Did your kindergartener or first grader come to you last year begging to see Indiana Jones? Both of mine did, but let's face it, not all movies fall into their maturity level. The Indiana Jones game on the other hand is all adventure without any of the adult content.

This is a math game and they will be learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

didj22. LeapFrog: Didj Custom Gaming System: Star Wars, The Clone Wars for Ages 6-9

Star Wars...where do I begin? I mentioned "Star Wars Crafts" one time on one of my blogs and the traffic from that phrase has been unlike anything else that I have ever spoken about. I am amazed at how popular the series is three decades later. This game is no exception. My boys love it and begged for me to buy it the second it hit the shelves. It has been played so many times that I cannot believe it has lasted this long. Best feature of the Didj when this is played for hours on end? The volume button that shuts off. (You would think that for a woman that spent her early years wanting to be Princess Leia I would be more tolerant.)

Another great math game: Decimals, percentages, place value, shapes, and fractions.

didj33. LeapFrog: Didj Custom Gaming System: Spongebob, Fists of Foam for Ages 6-9

Okay, I was a skeptic too...but this game was soooo worth it. Like the math list above for the Star Wars game? This game has the same list, but appeals to those SpongeBob enthusiasts. My 5 year old loves this game and is excelling in her math practice well above her grade level. Yes, it is silly. Yes, it is nonsense. But they love it! They love it so much that on Saturdays when they have free video game playing the Didj is always in use. They have no idea how much they are learning on their day off. And I won't tell.


Mariel said...

All my kids love their Leapster makes me happy to see them playing cause I know they're learning too!

Fun blog!

Kathy said...

Hmm. Going to have to check into this, for sure. We have really avoided the video game mode, so I do this with a bit of hesitation. Our kids are such imaginative and creative "play"ers, but this sounds like a good fit.