March 12, 2009

Getting the Kids to Eat Salad

There is no better way to get your child to eat salad than to have them prepare it themselves. I love using the Fresh Express salads because everything is portioned out and is perfect for our family of six. The kids love it because they can easily prepare it and even add some more of their favorite things depending on the dressing. This one Xander is putting together below has a sweet vinaigrette and apples so it was the perfect opportunity to give him time to practice cutting by adding bananas.

Xander and Milan take turns making the salad now and eagerly eat it because they made it themselves!

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Miekie said...

The salads look great! I also believe that cooking is a great way to teach all kinds of things: good habits, life skills, math, reading etc. It is time consuming, but well worth the effort. You seem to think up all kinds of fun things for the children to do! Blessings.