March 18, 2009

Growing Crystals in the Kitchen

So we are continuing our 'state of matter' study and today we decided to grow some crystals.

The kids were shocked as I printed out two nice, neat copies of the instructions and then handed them spirals to use for their 'lab books'. It was the perfect time to apply the scientific method--before the fun stuff. Each child wrote their question and their hypothesis and pasted in their materials and procedure information. They were kind of ticked but once it was done we went on to the fun stuff. (I let them know that no matter what job they had they would ALWAYS have necessary paperwork/'s just how business rolls.)

So here is what we made:

They will observe and record the changes for 5-7 days on data/observation forms to add to their labwork. At the end they will come up with a paragraph or two over the results and conclusion.

Day 1:

The Borax crystals are in the lead.


Karin Katherine said...

way to go on teaching the scientific method! I cannot wait to watch this on your blog. Very cool----also love the new design.

Amy Pak said...

We absolutely LOVE the Borax crystals--fast and sparkly! You can hang them in the windows and on the tree at Christmas time, too. :-)

A Bishops Wife said...

We are absolutly doing this.

The kits we have bought at Walmart do not turn out well.

We will try it this way. THANKS.

Miekie said...

Thanks for the tips! It looks like fun. Have you studied science yourself? You seem to just love it and makes it fun for your children too.

Donna said...

I just found your blog. It looks great.