July 23, 2013

Ice Excavating

It was so beautiful outside yesterday that after the kids were done playing with their flubber I got the bowl I'd been saving in the freezer and set up a mini-excavation site on the back porch. I told the kids they could use salt, a spoon, and warm water to try and figure out the best methods for extracting all of the little things frozen in the ice. I also announced that the person who collected the most would win a prize. They loved it--and they learned a few things too about the states of matter. That is our theme this week!


Journey on! by Kelleye said...

I saw your link to a post and came over! I started HS this year and not doing very well. Its been choatic to say the least! Looks like you have it down pat! Love your blog!

CozyCoops Corner said...

That looks fun too!It was a great day to get outside for sure:-)Thanks for the Borax. I told Paige we'll make some flubber this weekend. Have a great afternoon Angela!

Shannon said...

Love this - my kids will too! Thanks for sharing.:)