March 27, 2009

Update on the Crystals: One Week Later

I haven't had a chance to update everyone on our crystal growing until now.

Remember the much anticipated rock candy aka sugar crystals? Um, the boys got sugary mold. It will be redone next week.

The Alum is still growing. They will be adding more alum liquid later next week to get the giant crystals going. They are pea-sized right now--not bad at all!
The salt and vinegar crystals are fantastic! In a few days the boys will be adding more liquid to those as well. They want HUGE rainbow crystals. I mean, who wouldn't right?

The borax was also very impressive. After the first two days it really did not add too much to the original pipe cleaner frame. If you are looking at a quick turn around for impatient kiddos definitely do these. (They were as done as they needed to be within 4 hours.)

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