July 17, 2009

A Spot to Keep Things

I have tremendous difficulty remembering where I put things. Most of all I have trouble with answering the same email questions and remembering not to leave things out.

For those who are interested/love Montessori...here are the sites I love, love, love....

The Artful Parent
Montessori for Everyone
Teaching Montessori
LaPaz Home learning
Making Of A Montessori Mom
Micheal Olaf
Montessori (3-6)
Montessori AMI Primary Guide
Montessori bells
montessori freefall
montessori mama
Montessori Mom
Montessori Mom blog
Montessori Spanish
My Montessori Journey
NAMC online learning
Our Montessori Story
P S Montessori
Peaceful Mann Connects
the moveable alphabet
United Teaching
What Did We Do All Day?
Let's Explore
Make and Takes
Aunt Jenny's Toy Barn
A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That
Chasing Cheerios
Skip To My Lou
Melissa Goodsell
Salt and Chocolate
A Day of Wonders
The Wonder Years


Hawaiianatheart said...

Thanks! Some of those were on my list but there are some new ones as well! : )

Karin Katherine said...

Those are great Montessori resources. Thanks for sharing your favorites.