July 30, 2009

When Depression Hits

I am going to tackle a controversial topic here, my dear families. Depression, mental disorders… the idea that staying at home could cause damage and sadness.

When I started homeschooling I had just come straight from Corporate America. My older sons had done two years of public school and though my younger of the two was struggling with behavior issues, the idea never entered our minds to bring them home to educate them. We were raised in public school and despite a series of devastating occurrences (for myself) we felt that the struggle was a ‘life lesson’ meant to be experienced. We worried about the socialization. We worried about our expectations–could we meet the criteria set before us and educate our children? We weren’t certified teachers. We weren’t even familiar with life outside of work and daycare.



Godsgirlnga said...

Im glad you touched on the subject of Depression. I have been HSing now for 22 yrs and have really struggled with depression for years, and until I became suicidal and cried all the time I sought help and now Im on medication, I know in the christian community some say its a sign of weakness- but until you've been there and walked in that person's shoes. I do feel so much better and Im sure my kids like being around me now instead of coping with my frustrations!!! Thanks!!!

Angela DeRossett said...

I know it did wonders for my family too... I think God knew what he was doing when he made doctors, or as the Bible called them, the modern-day 'healers'.

Glad to hear that you were also able to get help. It sure makes a huge difference to homeschool and do it happily.

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing your story. We waffle back and forth on homeschooling....and I've had an interesting struggle going from the main family earner to a complete non contributor over the last few years.