September 24, 2009

How's Your Day Going?

Do you have Autism or a family member who does? Your day is about to go sour:

Wanna protest just another PSA in a long line of offensive PSA's? Tell them Autism Speaks DOES NOT speak for us.

Join the Facebook group protesting this type of propaganda.

Visit I Speak of Dreams for a wealth of information. Who to write to, what to say, who is angry... Autism will not tear people apart. It will unite us. There's more to do to combat ignorance.

Hm... how about that for a group "Ignorance Speaks"? We won't let them defend themselves either.

Thanks Bev, for the awesome posters you came up with---you rock.

ASAN's response...The REAL Advocates for those with Autism.(Autism Self-Advocacy Network)

Blog it and pass the word like others.


Casdok said...

Words fail me. All the positive awarness raising that is done is just swept away.
Things like this does make our diverse community stronger as we rally together.
C can be difficult (isnt any child?!) he has opened my eyes to so many things that i would other wise have missed.
Autism Speaks - not for us.

Liz Ditz said...

Thanks for the mention. This post has been added to the list!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

What a horrible PSA! I don't have words -- just ugly.