December 11, 2009

Glitter Snowflake Ornament

What You Will Need:
White presentation board or posterboard
Exact-o Knife
Glitter (color of your choice)
Craft Glue
Paintbrush or craft
Snowflake Template (I used this one)
Ribbon (color of your choice)
Large Scrap of Cardboard

1. Place the template on the cardboard.

2. Carefully trace the template with the Exact-o knife and remove. Use template to cut out poster board snowflakes.

3. Paint one side of the snowflake with glue and spoon on first layer of glitter. When the snowflake is COMPLETELY DRY shake off excess glitter and do a second layer of glue and glitter. When second layer is completely dry repeat the steps on the back of the snowflake.
4. When both sides are complete punch a hole in one of the tips and string your ribbon through and tie off.

Thank you to Jill for this great craft idea!

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PJ said...

Very creative!Ilike this blog!