June 3, 2010

Update on Bean Science

I am sorry to report that the Bean Science Project was a failure. I would add pictures but no one should see molding test tubes.

But for the record-- it was the GARBANZO BEAN that won by a teeny tiny stem.

Should you decide to tackle this same project I would recommend monitoring how much water your children add to their beans. This sort of thing does not have to happen to you.

We are currently working on first aid skills by default as our precious "Cowboy" decided to go barreling through the yard and catch a trampoline bolt in his side. It is fair to say the bolt won.

Again, I'll spare you the gory picture and post one of happier times.


Karin Katherine said...

Oh my word! What a homeschooling adventure you've had!

Miekie said...

I'm sorry your bean project did not work out! Sounds like something that would happen to me!
I second the first aid skills project. Tammy once burnt her arm on the element of the oven as she carefulle took out stuff with oven mitts on - I never expected her to lift her arm so high as to touch the element! Anyway we immediately help her arm under the cold water tap and then kept the arm in a jug of cold water for two hours - even went to the toilet with her arm in the jug of water. All she had left of what could have been a TERRIBLE burn, was a tiny blister, which soon disappeared. My son in law has scars where he was burnt with tea as a child . His parents immediately took him to the hospital - if only they had immediately put him in cold water first. I always teach children that if they burn themselves - and that unfortunately happens to all who work in a kitchen some time - they should not first call teacher or Mom, but head for the cold water tap first and then they can yell!

Martianne said...

Hope you have better picture moments soopn. :)

Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog and passed on an award to you. :) http://traininghappyhearts.blogspot.com/2010/08/awards-and-belated-thank-yous-part-2.html