October 19, 2010

Life Drawing

Last night a friend of mine was telling me about the fun her family had when they decided to draw pictures of one another. I thought it sounded pretty cool and a great way to introduce basic drawing techniques. It occurred to me that this is one area we have neglected in our homeschool routine. How would I possibly be able to gauge whether or not any of my children had natural drawing abilities if we didn't at least try?

I sat all four kids at the dining room table and told them they were to look at the person sitting across from them. They were to look at shadows, glares, blemishes, outlines.... the natural shape of the chin, eyes and lips.

Before they were able to begin I told them they were not allowed to critique each others work, not to laugh, make faces, or do anything else that would break the focus of the person next to them. It wasn't about being a perfect artist.

My older two, Harley (13 in two weeks) and Jagger (10) were paired together. Here they are holding the portrait next to their faces of the drawing the other had done of them.

Harley's drawing of Jagger.

Jagger's drawing of Harley.

They were asked not to smile in order to get a 'close enough' expression of the drawings. This proved to be hilarious because you just can't tell someone not to smile. There were some pretty funny outtakes.

My younger two, Xander (8) and Milan (7) were paired together. They were allowed to draw the entire body since they have less attention to details and, frankly, less patience.

Xander's drawing of Milan. He decided to make her a princess.

Milan's drawing of Xander.


"Say What?" said...

Love this idea. We'll be doing that as well. BTW....can't believe Harley will be 13!!! I remember the little guy we met for the first time at homeschool skating! Miss y'all!

karisma said...

Wow! They all did a really great job! Looks like you do have some talented artists there! What fun, we might try this too! :-)

Rebecca said...

What a cute idea, I love it!

Kathy said...

I am amazed at the detail included in the younger ones drawings as well....all the way to the tilt of the head! Great idea, Andrea.