January 4, 2011

Back to Schooling

This week I got smart and started making schedules...

 It didn't turn out as well as I would have liked because yesterday was so busy that we were unable to complete Monday's work. However, the kids did not see it as a problem--and not for the usual "I got out of school an extra day" reasons. It is that they can look at the schedule/assignments and know where there is extra time and how to combine those so they can have Friday off.

Incentive. Did I mention that?

I told the kiddos that if they wanted to work ahead I would allow it, on two conditions:
  • They only get *one* shot at corrections per assignment. In the past it has been "make corrections until they are all correct". 
  • After one set of corrections the grade must be an A.
I know there are a lot of homeschooling parents who aren't very crazy about grades. After all, they are pretty fictitious in the grand scheme of things homeschool related. However, for whatever reason the kids fall over themselves trying to one-up their siblings and therefore have been making their best efforts on their classwork. It works for us.

Another thing we discussed was reading being a non-negotiable factor. If they finish everything in two days, they must still read for an hour on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Friday is fun day... if they finish early in the week with A's they get to play video games all day long. I am certain between grades and video games I won't be winning Mother of the Year with a lot of homeschooling families but it's okay, my conscience is clear. :)

So today we read:

I love this story and amazingly enough Xander and Milan had never heard it but were happy:

We began the mummification project with apples and if you were to ask Xander what we are learning about he would tell you HU-MAN-ITY because he can't remember the word anatomy.

Yes, there are times we school in our jammies.

Guess who the camera shy person is:

Lots of math, grammar, vocabulary and reading but a great start to the second half of our school year.


Jennifer said...

We started back to school today and it was rough. I'm so glad to be back on a schedule though.

Don't feel bad about anything you choose to do. That's the beauty of homeschooling - do what works for your family!

Anne Galivan said...

I found you a very unusual way. I have a home-schooling website and I have Google Analytics set up so that I receive alerts that are SUPPOSED to be for my website but sometimes I get odd things from them. Today, your blog was one of those alerts.

I have to say though, I enjoyed your post. (And I like the title of your blog.)

I have been home-schooling for over 20 years. And I am a firm believer in doing what works for you. Schooling in pj's? By all means. I "did school" with my 8-year old tonight at 8:30. And I was on the phone with my 26-year old daughter talking about it and we both agreed, "Do what works!"

I read of so many home-schooling moms thinking they have to get up at 5:30 am and do five subjects a day in order to feel like they are doing their job. I couldn't live like that. And that's the simple truth!

Casdok said...

I havent heard of The kissing hand book either - just looked it up and it sounds brillient :)