January 10, 2011

Great Epilepsy Site

For those of you who do not know, my 13 year old son was diagnosed with Epilepsy this past year. It was a huge surprise... a big ol' grand mal in February alerted us to the problem. He's fine. Still has seizures but healthy and happy nonetheless. He was asking us what his seizures "look like". He has 3 different kinds. One is a momentary space-out, one is a complex partial and then there's the grand mal, also called "tonic-clonic".

Short of video taping the big ones--which we've considered so he can see himself in action--we weren't really able to describe to him what it looks like when a seizure occurs. Then I found this great site for teens: http://www.goeyc.org/

It was there I was able to show him this video below so he would have a better understanding of what they were, what they were not, and what they looked like.

Since he was diagnosed I have found many other parents who have been dealing with the very same thing with their child(ren). I hope this is something some of you will be able to use to better understand the issue as well as understand how to respond if someone around you has a seizure. I love that it tackles the "myths" behind Epilepsy because it is often misunderstood... This would have helped if I'd seen it prior to the first episode.

Anyway, it's homeschool-ish if you look at it from a "first aid" perspective because it covers that as well.

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