February 14, 2011

Day 6: My Little Strugglers: Hiccups


First, Happy Valentine's Day! Hope yours has been wonderful. My husband brought home a big bouquet of flowers and the kids had a special day of no schooling, with the exception of reading.

These "breaks" are nice but can be extremely scary for those who have struggling learners. The constant worry of "what if we don't finish x, y, z" or "how much information will be lost due to taking time off from school?"

As a military wife we have had many "hiccups", as I like to call them, throughout their schooling. In five years my husband has deployed 7 times, the kids have had periods of illness and there have been days I found it difficult just to climb out of bed to get started. We have gone through learning disabilities, the flu, finding out my eldest has Epilepsy--during last February's conference no less--and inadequate sleep schedules when the hubby is away. Isn't it wonderful how forgiving homeschooling can be? One minute we're slowing down and the next we've covered three days of work in one day. It's not just struggling learners that can slow us down, but life as well! Let's face it... Moms need time off, too. It's a 24/7 job and though we're supposed to look like we're all sunshine and rainbows all of the time we often hit burnout. So do our kids.

During the periods of time that burnout sets in for either you or your kids don't feel like you are failing. This is important. I am not saying don't worry about months being wasted away (with the exception, of course, being trauma, illness, death, etc.) but a few days here and there never hurt. In fact, they can do wonders for both you and your children. I cannot count the number of times during periods of holidays or summer vacation or a two or three day break that my children have come to me and asked for school work. I draw the line after 6PM but that request has been made as well.

Learning disabilities can be frustrating. Give yourself a break.

Be back tomorrow!


Beth said...

Much needed advice today, thank you! Happy Valentine's Day to you too :0)

Cynthia and the farm house said...

Yes, I fear the breaks in our schedule. However I love the changing of season!! Check out what we did for valentines this year:)