February 9, 2011

My Little Strugglers: The Letter Recognition Battle


As homeschooling moms it is difficult for us to not compare our children to other peoples' children. It just is.

At this point it was difficult for me not to just break out the Dolche sight words and get on with it. However, I don't believe in the Dolche system. I don't like it. It teaches the child "picture" recognition and that is exactly what we were going to avoid. I know there are many who love the Dolche, but I will agree to disagree if you will. :) At this point I wondered if they would be better suited for an Asian "symbol" language but again, they needed to know about letters.

We started with the "AT" group. We started with "A".

It seemed to be going well until Milan desperately wanted to play Scrabble with her Aunt Sarah. This is an example of how it started:

And when she was given the chance to go first she could have used what she learned above with the "AT" family but instead:

"A" was her word. It was Groundhog Day every day for over a year. Each day we would move forward only to find we'd moved backwards once again.

It was the same with numbers. She could count to twenty but always forgot the number 13. Always. My husband came up with a great idea to integrate her senses...sight and sound. He developed a very simple PowerPoint:

MilanNumbers (2).pptx

We were finally getting somewhere...make sure you click on the microphone icon in the file to hear her sweet voice. You will have to play the presentation in "slide show" mode for the sound.This does tie in with letters, but more tomorrow...:)


audra nisely said...

You could use Scrabble Junior, my kids love it! My middle child was the same, it just didn't seem like he understood anything and it was a daily struggle and then one day something clicked and he was reading!! I prayed that God would open his mind to the information and trusted that He would:) Aidan is now one of my best readers!! Everyone kept saying that he was behind and that he should be reading well by now (he was 6) and that there must be something wrong!! I have found that they all level out at some point. I don't believe in putting an exact age on milestones:) I pray that God will continue to bless you in all that you do:):)

Stacy said...

Hi I jusst came across your blog and now a follower. My daughter has the same problem with 13! I don't get it. It use to be 11 but we finally got past that.