April 19, 2011

One Thousand Gifts Link Up

Heart of the Matter is having a contest/link up for the One Thousand Gifts book by Ann Voskamp. Now, it is obvious that I am not throwing in my hat to win a book! :) However, counting my blessings is not a bad thing so I'm going to participate.

REMEMBER: If you go to Heart of the Matter 1000 Gifts Link Up/Giveaway and either leave a comment or join in the linky fun you have the chance to win 1 of 3 of her new books!

And so here's where I begin:
  1. Jesus loves me anyway...
  2. My husband who I hope my sons grow up to mirror in character, and my daughter bases her decision on when choosing a husband
  3. The first day I see my plants coming up out of the ground in the Spring
  4. The smell of rain and gardenias
  5. Hot days on the lake
  6. Coffee in bed
  7. Heart of the Matter... for so many reasons
  8. Baking bread
  9. The day last week that my 9 year old sat in my lap and let me hold him close to me for 15 whole minutes--by his choice
  10. My 10 year old's beaming smile and laugh... if you could see it... with his whole heart on his face
  11. My daughter's kind, compassionate heart
  12. The inner strength of my oldest son
  13. Lazy days
  14. Dessert before dinner nights
  15. Driving around the block a few times before going home so the kids and I can listen to the whole song that just started on the radio that we love
  16. Quiet moments 
  17. The rare occasions my husband laugh so hard there are tears in his eyes
  18. Gingersnaps
  19. Fresh flowers
  20. Coffee with friends
  21. Russian nesting dolls...they remind me of my mother
  22. Crying during Baptisms and Easter
  23. Watching the kids play board games together...anything all together
  24. A call from my brother overseas out of the blue
  25. The way a newborn curls their hands and feet when they stretch
  26. Blessings that come at the very last minute
  27. The way the pages of a brand new book smell
And that's where I'll stop this time. Count your blessings with us.

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