February 29, 2012

Mom's Virtual Field Trip: The Montessori Method

I have spent an awful lot of time (that I mostly don’t have lately) cruising the world wide web to find ways to better teach my children using the Montessori Method. We’ve tried other methods and curriculums and not found that ‘perfect fit’. I think this is it–and I am loving the experience. My children have been excited to learn…and I am rejuvenated and excited about teaching them!

I would like to share this journey with you. So sit back, put the laptop in your lap, keep your coffee close by because I guarantee if this post sparks your interest–you ain’t seen nothing yet! (Go ahead and make that new folder in your bookmarks.)

What is the Montessori Method?
First thing’s first–the FAQs. This link will give you a basic synopsis of how it started, where it came from, and how it compares to regular school. Yes, it addresses how to find a Montessori school, but even though you are homeschooling I recommend reading that part because it gives insight on how to discern what ‘real Montessori’ is rather than what some people call it.

And the lowdown from a strictly homeschooling perspective.
Now that you get it…let’s paint a visual picture.

My Montessori Journey
This blog is written by a Montessori teacher. There is no better place to learn what Montessori looks like (that I have found so far) than her site. You will be taking notes, printing out, getting excited, and planning, planning, planning.

Your assignment on her page is to go back at least three pages to look at the immense information. She is seriously creative.

But where do you get all of those cool supplies?
I am a frugal mama. I do not want to pay $200 for sandpaper letters and trays. My # 1 resources for all things school supply–manipulatives, paints, fine motor objects:

Discount School Supply
Oriental Trading Company

keywords: fine motor, montessori in their search engines, by the way.

Oh and of course dollar stores, thrift stores, clearance sales and discount aisles.

Lots of those printables are rockin’…I could never come up with those! Is there a place online I can go?

I am so glad you asked..here are the ones I love, and all of them have free download sections:

Montessori for Everyone
Montessori Materials
Montessori Mom

Bloggy Inspirations–What Great Montessori Moms Do: 

A Bit of This and A Bit of That
A Day of Wonders
Chasing Cheerios
The Wonder Years
Montessori Candy
Our Montessori Story
Itty Bitty Love
The Learning Ark
Old Creek Montessori
Homemade Montessori

I hope you enjoyed today’s field trip! It is amazing how much we can cut down on our curriculum costs by simply learning from the wonderfully creative minds out on the world wide web who are willing to share. Do you have favorites that you would add to this list? Are you homeschooling using the Montessori method? Did this article make you consider this method if you’d never heard of it before?

Why not be a dear and share your thoughts on the subject?

Adapted from my original article on Heart of the Matter Online

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