August 6, 2012

Curriculum For The Rest of Them

Not Back to School Blog Hop
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It's a brand-new year!! We started school today and here's what we chose for the younger three kids. (You can find my high school son's curriculum plan here.

All 4 kiddos:

Teaching Textbooks! We tried so many math programs and none of them worked for our kids. This is the best fit for our family. I would recommend this program to everyone. BUT.. I do recommend only buying the  CD's. We have yet to open the rest of the packages. You can find an example here.

Story of the World We love this program and will continue to go through the books each year. We also use a lot of Netflix movies and books to supplement our history program.

Rosetta Stone: Italian

Latin: Visual Latin

Xander & Milan:

Bible Study

Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God It was VERY important to me to begin a Bible program with my kids this year. Summer camp brought in quite a bit of passion and deep desires to know God more. When something like that starts in your kids I believe it's highly important to keep that momentum going. 

Language Arts

Writing With Ease It shouldn't be a big surprise that we love yet another program by Susan Wise-Bauer!

Wordly Wise: Browse the website.. there are lots of free tools. I love the website but also the workbooks which run around $8 apiece.


We actually have several programs to use for science that have a lot of great projects, ideas, and fun. I am super excited about this one though.

"The Level I Chemistry Student Textbook is an elementary text for grades 4-6 that introduces students to the scientific discipline of chemistry. Students will learn about atoms, molecules, bonding, chemical reactions, acids and bases, pH, mixtures, polymers, and DNA. Level I Chemistry expands on the concepts introduced in the Pre-Level I Chemistry Student Textbook and also introduces additional chemistry concepts. The Level I Chemistry Student Textbook has 10 full color chapters."

Harley & Jagger

One of the things they will share that are not listed in the "All" or "Harley's High School Plan":

Bible Study

It's Not About Me: "Pop culture and psychobabble tell us to make ourselves the center of the universe in order to be happy. Churches have communicated the false idea that God exists to give us all that we selfishly want. In this book, Max Lucado reminds us that it's not about us, it's all about God. It is through this shift in thinking that we can truly live an unburdened, happy life."

Total Health: Choices for a Winning Lifestyle: This is a Christian health book. However, it covers everything from nutrition, exercise, and working out, to mental health, sex, and STD's. It looks like the book I had in high school but has some pretty awesome scriptural and moral lessons.

Need a free planner to pull all your school work together this year? Here are some planners even a chaotic mom can use! Or you can find it in flipbook form!

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