August 17, 2012

How I Became a Green-Clean Dropout

I was excited to try it!

I am sad to report it... I am a green-clean dropout. I tried and failed miserably.

Hear me out.

I bought:

4 boxes- Washing Soda (up until recently I had no idea it existed)
4 gallons- Vinegar
4 boxes- Borax
2 boxes- Baking Soda
2 very large bottles- Dawn liquid dish soap
4 bars- Ivory Soap
2 containers, 4 spray bottles
1 set of plastic measuring cups/spoons

added later--10 pks of sugarless lemon kool-aid.

We had a party:

Laundry soap was first:

12 cups- Borax
8 cups- Baking Soda
8 cups- Washing Soda
8 cups- Bar soap (grated)

Not one--not a single TBS was used for laundry. Zero.  Zilch. (By the way if you want the recipe it takes 2T and is safe for HE washers.)

I know you're asking, "Not one? How can you dropout if you haven't tried it?"

I can because I made dishwasher soap too. I used:

1 part washing soda
1 part Borax

which became:

1 part washing soda
1 part borax
vinegar in the rinse thingy

which became:

1 part washing soda
1 part borax
vinegar in the rinse thingy
10 pks of lemon koolaid

which became:

1 part washing soda
1 part borax
vinegar in the rinse thingy
10 pks of lemon koolaid
3 drops of Dawn Soap

This was a slow process and each step came from recommendations around the web. I wanted shiny dishes but they came out powdery. I somewhat got rid of the powdery and I found cloudy. The cloudy continued and the finish on my glasses and mugs started missing. After the finish started missing my glassware became etched.

We are back to store-bought liquid dishwasher soap and I am feeling no regrets.

After the dishwasher fiasco I asked my husband to pick up some good ol' fashioned Tide laundry soap because if the borax/washing powder could do that to my dishes I sure wasn't trying the stuff out on our clothing!

All was not lost--

I made a homemade shower cleaner. It is the absolute BEST stuff I have ever used. We will never, ever go back to store-bought! It also duels as an awesome dog wash. 

So now I have Borax, Washing Soda, and tons of vinegar. I suppose we will HAVE to buy glue so we can make Flubber. We can put the Ivory Soap in the microwave. Give me examples on how to use the rest of the materials!  


Christine Moore said...

I've done the laundry detergent on 3 separate occasions and have always ended up with either tiny holes in the clothes, dingy whites or dull colors. I'm back to Gain. :(

Say What? said...

SO GLAD I just read this post. I have seriously been thinking about trying the homemade laundry soap. I won't bother!

naturalmom said...

Funny, because you inspired me to try some of these. I like the laundry soap, but HATE the shower cleaner! Maybe it's because my shower is not tile? It's one of those molded plastic things that installs in a corner. Anyway, it didn't clean well and is so stong it makes me gag. Maybe I'll dilute it waaay down and try it on the dog...

Angela DeRossett said...

Christine, that's what I was afraid of!

Angela DeRossett said...

Cheryl, there are some people who swear by the laundry soap. Lots of people I know use the liquid. It wasn't worth trying the powder when I saw what it did to my dishes though.

Angela DeRossett said...

Stephanie, I am happy the laundry soap is working for you!! I agree with the smell of the shower cleaner but it seems to clear out within a few hours for us. With the dog the smell is gone as soon as he's dry. Our shower isn't tile either. I sprayed the cleaner in the shower and then left it while I ran errands. I came home, used a washcloth to get into the corners and sprayed out. It looked better than when we moved into this place. I wonder what else you could use in place of the vinegar to make it smell better.

naturalmom said...

Actually, it was the very strong Dawn smell as much as anything. I left mine for a while too, but no luck. I felt like it didn't do much of anything. I'm curious if you have softened water? If not, that might explain the difference, because I do. You'd have a different build-up on your shower (as much minerals as dirt) and the laundry soap may very well work better with soft water than with harder water. Soft water requires far less soap than hard water for good cleaning effect, and this recipe does not have very much soap per load.

Angela DeRossett said...

We have hard water here.. I had to look it up! lol Lots of mineral build-up in our shower and around our faucets. So you're probably right about the difference. I would never have thought of that!

Christine C. Moore said...

Oh, the Ivory in the microwave...must try that too. :)

*I just gave you a Liebster Award. Check out this link:

And have fun. :)

Becky said...

Hi there!
We're from NE and homeschool too ;). I thought I'd weigh in because we had so much of the same dilemmas too (we have seven kiddos). We now use all Shaklee products, goodbye burning lungs, allergies, hello kids who can clean with the safe products :). Just love them all! I first thought they were pricey, but a little goes a long, long way and they're actually less in the long run. Let me know if you'd like more info. My email is: Great blog!