September 18, 2012

Oh No! I Over-shopped!

It’s that time of year again – Back To School.
Schools are starting up and, as usual, many fliers are coming to my house with the latest sales on school supplies, books, and super-cute classroom ideas. It’s like the big stores are reading my mind! Once upon a time I was the girl who could not wait for all the public schooled children to get settled in their classes so I could go right out and pick up the leftovers that ranged from nickel packages of pencils to a few dollars on science supplies. I knew after the third year I had a major problem.
Third year?
Yes, it took three years to realize how much I’d overspent on ‘sales’. After three years I had filled a 10×10 room with everything from an over-abundance of art goodies, Montessori materials, and office supplies. I have given boxes away that didn’t make a dent in my inventory.

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