July 26, 2013

The ABC Poem: Poetry Fun Part 2

From Kindergarten to Adulthood this is probably one of the most fun poems to create. It's very simple. Merely start each line with a letter of the alphabet in the correct order. This is also called an acrostic poem.

I love this type of poetry for young elementary school children. It is a wonderful method to introduce poetry into their curricula without causing a great deal of stress. The teacher/parent sets the rules.

Some things to consider when creating the assignment:

  • What is the theme I would like to use. Some ideas can include the season (it is fall), an item related to the season (an apple), or a holiday (Thanksgiving).
  • How many letters should I include? For K-2 I recommend 3-6 lines. 3rd-5th I recommend 10-12. 
  • How many words would I like per line? For younger elementary try to stick to 2-3 for the younger set and no more then 5 or 6 for the older elementary students.
  • Do I want them to rhyme? Every sentence? Every other sentence? Be specific.
  • If the kids are young should they have a word bank?
You should know Comic Sans is typically a no-no for me but it can be beneficial to children who are improving their handwriting. That is why it is used here. You can click on the image to make it bigger to print if you like. Have fun!

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