August 7, 2013

10 Ways to Teach Your Child Using Technology

It is no secret that technology is growing faster and faster every year. How do we keep up? Here are 10 ways you can shift your learning environment from paper-only learning to fully interactive learning through both paper and technology. Let’s get started.
1. Buy an e-reader. No more books cluttering up shelves, sitting in corners, collecting dust. If you purchase most of your books then this is a great way to save money in many cases as well. Many of the classic novels are available for free on Amazon.
2. Purchase e-Textbooks rather than hard copies. This is an extension of #1. It can also save room and possibly money. There are many options when choosing an e-Textbook. They are typically available for Kindle, iPad, Android, PC, or Mac.
3. Download a copy of OpenOffice. It is a free software suite that allows you to have similar options that you would find in Windows Office. It will give you (per the website descriptions):

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