August 5, 2013

(The Original) "Not" Back to School Hop-- High School Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks Geometry: Last year we completed Algebra 1 so we're moving on to Geometry this year. I am really excited because Teaching Textbooks is offering this level with self-grading this year.  We are BIG believers in the Teaching Textbooks program. After many attempts with other recommended math programs this is the one my children were really able to grasp well. They all have different learning styles and two have significant learning disabilities--and they all "get it".

Exploring Creation with Physical Science: Last year we started with Apologia Biology so we're on to Physical Science now. I'm not really sure which should have come first but we knew we wanted to teach both. Apologia is also a program that my children easily grasp across the board.

Wordly Wise Book 10! If you haven't checked these workbooks out  then I really recommend it. You should know, however, that compared to a school's curriculum it runs a grade higher typically. These provide excellent college prep and had I had them growing up I may have done better on analogies, reading comprehension, and etymology. (Greek and Latin)

Essaying the Past: How to Read, Write, and Think About History. Over the years we have done some very in-depth studies in history and now we're working on writing and critical thinking. This is our first year using this material so we'll see how it goes.

American Heritage: Book of Great American Speeches for Young People. This will also be a resource for critical thinking and writing.
Daily Writing Fundamentals. Yes, more writing. 

Rosetta Stone Italian 2. He loved the first and I'm sure he'll love the 2nd.

Last year I was terrified of starting to teach high school. It is very scary to see the end so close and easy to fear that you haven't taught your child enough to get to the next leg in their education--college. As we being grade 10 it has gotten easier, but I am still fearful of transcripts. I am hoping that next year that part will seem like no big deal as well.

I have three other children going into 8th, 6th, and 5th. If I get a chance I will give a detailed list of their materials later this week.

Check out the iHomeschool Network's great links from other bloggers to get more curriculum ideas!

Do you have any questions about the programs we've continued to use? Ask away and I will try to help!

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